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First, I must point out that a Humanist Wedding Ceremony is not, as yet, legal in the eyes of the state. We always recommend that the marriage be legalised in the registry office before or after a Humanists ceremony. There are some who get married abroad and then like to have a ceremony in this country with friends and family. You could have all the paraphernalia of an ordinary wedding, bridesmaids, best man, the bouquets, witnesses to sign a Certificate.

You could swap rings. Above all, it should be fun and enjoyable but your actual vows should be taken seriously. These are the commitments that you will make to each other and the assembled company would bear whitness to what you say. It can be as formal or informal as you like, and can take place anywhere, on a beach, beneeth a tree, on the cliffs, on a boat, or in a house, garden, hotel, you name it.

Jim & Sarah Loony Barton

I have conducted a combined wedding and baby naming ceremony on the banks of the Yelm. Wedding ceremonies on Constantine Beach, in North Cornwall, in a court yard of a farm, a front garden, a back garden, Tintagel Youth Hostel, the China Fleet Club, Hengar Manor, Budock Vean Hotel, Carn Brea Monument and in a cave on Lusty Glaze Beach. Each and every one is different. I have conducted several Gay Affirmations.

Maria & Al

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