A Shoal of Fish:


goodies Michael Chapman's lady, Andru, sylph like as she is, discarded her stilletto heels and pulled on a pair of walking boots to trek over the Atlas Mountains in aid of charity. Carrie was impressed and suggested that the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, the charity she works for, take up the idea. They did — and it was the biggest single fundraiser they had ever had. They have now organized two treks through the Jordan desert and one to the Great Wall of China, the Kenyan Bush, Patagonia. Carrie has been on them all and, later this year, she will be walking in Vietnam. For each of these trips she has to raise over £2,000 pounds sponsorship. The first time round she tapped friends, relations and local businesses, but you can’t keep going back to the same people. So, with Lyn, our neighbour, she started making jams, preserves, pickles, chutneys and relishes to sell at local markets. Their wares have become so popular that they can hardly keep up. I get to try the leftovers and the failures. The house is full of boxes and jars, but there are some gorgeous aromas. Now that Lyn has pulled out Carrie has turned it into a business; Carnon Valley Conserves.

The other aspect of this is that she has to keep fit so when she is not working or cooking she’s out walking. She’s joined the ramblers and goes out walking most week ends — even as far as Dartmoor.



As a family we spent the Christmas of 1997 backpacking around South Africa. We all enjoyed the experience very much. Tabitha fell in love with the lifestyle and when we came back, with a single mindedness to be admired, she devoted all her time accumulating the money and planning to return. (She got a job as a life guard at Ships & Castles swimming pool) We haven't seen her since Christmas 1999, but she does keep in touch. She went out with a friend who stayed for a few weeks then returned to go to University. Tabitha then got a job in Durban, working at a backpacking lodge. She was joined, for a while, by another friend, and then moved to another lodge, the Green Elephant Backpackers, in Cape Town and appears to be having the time of her life. She's been to Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia and Botswana. She's been canoeing, shark watching, Kloofing, (jumping from a great height, off rocks, into the sea) and big game watching. She takes people on trips and ferries them to and from the airport. She earns just about enough money to get by but what a life!.

Tabitha has now been home from South Africa for just over a year now. Her plane landed at Heathrow, 6:40am, on Christmas Day. No public transport! So, we had to go and pick her up. We ended up having Christmas dinner in the car-park off a motorway service station. Sandwiches, that his. The service station was closed. She did a job working at a youth hostel in her Robin Hood's Bay. She then went over to Amsterdam working behind a bar. She enrolled at London University studying sociology, anthropology and cultural stud ies, thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the social life, and got a 'first.. She was advised to sit for a MA But.........

She earned a bit of money as a part time cycle courier and did a course with Cycle Training UK And now she teaches cycling proficiency and bike maintenance. She cycled from London the Edinburgh to protest at the G8 Summit, cycled to Northern Ireland to protest at a Shell development, and she got arrested for protesting at the Arms Fair. She is now talking of cycling, overland, to New Zealand.


Now Hannah Josie is a different kettle of fish altogether. Where as Tabitha was bold and adventurous, (she would wander off if you didn’t keep an eye on her) Hannah was shy and needed a hand to hold. But she has changed, - not a lot but she has opened up considerably. She’s well traveled - came to South Africa with us twice. With the school she has been to Italy and France a couple of times, and Alton Towers. Mustn't forget Alton Towers. She’s been to all the folk festivals with us and has been up to Scarborough, on her own, to stay with one of her primary school friends. At school Hannah is inclined towards social studies and, dare I say, religion. They both are, come to that - Tabitha did sociology and Hannah seems to be heading in the same direction. For work experience she worked at 'Zebedees', cafe for youngsters, and the Red Cross, working in schools. Mind you, Tabitha seemed to get by without trying that much but Hannah works hard to make any headway - and she does - without complaining. At home she is quite domesticated. She enjoys cooking but she spends far too much time in front of the TV. She very much misses her big sister.

Hannah Josie has left Penair School and is now at Truro College. She is learning drive! so LOOKOUT!

worked in TKMax, Truro went to Bath Uni for 1 year changed courses worked in Wetherspoons, Truro then went to Portsmouth Uni and got a degree in social work and is now a fully fledged Social Worker.

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